Collection by Stefano Contiero
GrailersDAO NFTs is a collection of 999 NFTs. Your GrailersDAO NFT represents your membership in the Grailers community, which aims to support generative artists and the broader generative art ecosystem. We like the grails.
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Stefano Contiero

Stefano Contiero is an Italian-Dominican self-taught artist born in Bassano del Grappa (Italy). During childhood, he developed a strong interest in technology and design, which first led to a career in tech, and later combined into generative art.

This perfect mix of algorithmic and visual arts is Stefano's favorite medium. He explores self-reflection and expression through a continuous feedback loop between his subconscious and technology.

His parents' often-clashing cultures and personalities gifted him a fragmented sense of belonging, which plays a big part in his inspiration and is key to understanding himself.

After developing his craft in solitude for many years, he became known for Frammenti (Art Blocks Curated Series 3) and Rinascita (Art Blocks Playground). In addition to creating digital art, nowadays, Stefano also explores ways to integrate physical media in his practice.

About the art

How do you design a membership token for a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)? And not any DAO, but one founded to collect and elevate the best generative art. The one who started its mission to own as many Incomplete Control as possible. The Grail of the Grails, from one of the artists I admire the most. It’s no secret that Tyler Hobbs has been a huge influence in my early days as a generative artist.

It has been incredibly fun creating this. And I’m not only honored to be the one tasked with this mission. I’m also proud of being part of such an amazing group of people, united by the love for generative art! GrailersDAO is planning many amazing things for the future, and I can’t wait!

- Stefano Contiero

A Collaborative Project
To me, the only option was to make this a collaborative project. I wanted it to be something coming not only from my mind but from the minds of everyone willing to be part of it. And when asked for help, the community responded. Through a simple survey, people shared with me what GrailersDAO means to them, what feelings it evokes, and something to inspire this project.
Textures, textures, textures
As many Grailers already know, our DAO is quite the hive mind. Alive, with many different ideas, perspectives, and discussions. It’s complex, with many shades, and many voices. How can you possibly represent such complexity? The answer for me was both simple and obvious: Textures, textures, textures. My love for textures and tiny details is well known. And this felt like the perfect chance to make great use of both. With all my favorite palettes and a special one dedicated to Grailers, this work builds on top of similar techniques I used in Rinascita.
Two parts: Cover and Unmistakable ‘G’
I also faced a unique challenge: make it instantly recognizable as a Grailer membership while being a piece of art nonetheless. This is why all the tokens will be composed of two parts: the artwork and a cover with the Grailers logo: the unmistakable ‘G’. You can click on or press ‘G’ on the live NFT in order to switch between the two. (See live example of Grailer #1 in full resolution)
More Information
  • inspiration

    In the last open question of my Grailers DAO survey, members shared many amazing things: images, videos, poems, movies, music, tons of great art, essays, TED talks.

    I enjoyed every individual answer. They were all inspiring, unexpected, and unique. The thing is, beauty is subjective. But if you look from the right perspective, you can find beauty everywhere. And in this case, it was like peaking inside a hive mind, trying to define beauty.

  • thanks

    First of all, I would like to spend a moment of appreciation for @confusedcollector and fellow Grailer DAO members ("Grailers"). This wouldn’t have happened without their contribution to GrailersDAO and them being the ambassador for this project! Then I want to deeply thank all the Grailers for trusting me with such an important feature. Your inspiration has been instrumental in creating this!

    The other obvious group to thank is Art Blocks team. They not only gave generative art a voice but also brought all of us together, building an amazing community.

    A special thank goes to the Gen Art Club for fostering a safe space where generative artists can discuss their practices. And to Federico for helping me manage my artistic life. Finally, to all my close friends and family, for constantly supporting me as a human.

  • year2022
  • supply999
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  • licenseCC BY-NC-ND 4.0