GrailersDAO is a community focused on supporting and collecting high end 'grail' art NFTs (with a particular affinity for generative art and Art Blocks). We aim to support generative artists and the broader generative art ecosystem.
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GrailersDAO aims to collect NFTs that are the pinnacle of generative art. We call them "grails".

The collection was initiated via focused acquisition of 9 out of 100 pieces of the Incomplete Control series by Tyler Hobbs, including IC #90, which is well regarded as the grail of the collection. The DAO also holds the largest single collection from the series.

Created by Tyler Hobbs in 2021 as a follow up to his first Art Blocks series "Fidenza", Incomplete Control beautifully pushes forward the field of generative art and the NFT art space, asking questions about what it means to be in control, leaning into "imperfection" and pushing back on many of the current tropes in the spaces around contrived rarity.

With Incomplete Control as its foundation, GrailersDAO aims to expand its collection to include other other grails, including plans to work directly with acclaimed generative artists to produce future grail collections.


GrailersDAO welcomes established and emerging generative and NFT artists to join the DAO.

Artist DAO members get access to a private Discord channel to connect with other artists, whilst also being able to participate and contribute with the broader community.

Our artist members include but are not limited to Stefano Contiero, Tyler Hobbs, Matt DesLauriers, Justin Aversano, Brian Brinkman, M.J. Lindow, Zach Lieberman, Rich Poole, Iskra Velitchkova, Emily Xie, Nadieh Bremer, Steve Pikelny, Marcelo Soria-Rodriguez, Shane Lavalette, Robin Friend, and Che Yu-Wu.


Grailer NFT is a limited collection of 999 NFTs.

Each NFT entitles membership and access to the Discord community, and serves as a governance token representing one vote in any decisions made by the DAO. This includes governance of the treasury and NFTs held by the DAO.

We are honored to have artwork by generative artist Stefano Contiero as the cover art of the NFT. Issued NFTs can be purchased from OpenSea and marketplaces, or directly from existing members.

*100% of mint proceeds and royalties from secondary sales (set at 10%) goes into the DAO treasury. Any royalties charged by NFT marketplaces (such as OpenSea) would be in addition to the 10%. The DAO also reserves a number of NFTs that may be auctioned or sold in the future to raise funds for the treasury from time to tim


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