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Art cannot exist without community, history, and patronage.
Grailers DAO is a group of deeply passionate collectors and artists who are playing a role promoting generative art into the canon of historically significant genres.
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Impasto #64


Impasto by MJ Lindow

Known on art arketplace FX Hash for his natural style and landscapes, MJ Lindow broke through onto the Ethereum chain with his Grailers release.

While the collection is generative, the release pioneered a unique curation mechanism involving 15 pre-curated pieces. 12 rare pieces were hand-selected by the DAO curation board and 3 pieces were hand-picked by the artist, MJ Lindow.

Unique pieces minted
Earned by artist and DAO
Secondary volume


The Curation Board is a group of volunteers chosen by DAO voters.

The Board plays a role in promoting generative art to a wider audience. The Board intends to work with artists to refine their algorithm, create a marketing plan, and reward community members with incentives to discourage speculation.